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Get on the Phone with Your Leads in Seconds. You'll Convert More of Your Leads with Leverly.

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Speed sells

Immediate response to more than 5,000,000 leads

How it works

Leverly is the fastest way to contact more of your leads in record time.

  • Lead Submitted

    A new lead submits an online form
    to get more information about
    your product or service 00:00 secs

  • Convert form to call

    Form data is posted to Leverly, we convert
    from text, to speech and deliver to
    sales team via phone call 00:02 secs

  • Rep Presses 1

    We prompt your reps to press 1
    to dial the lead while they're
    still hot and ready to talk 00:20 secs

  • Hello - Wow!

    Your prospect gets a call from sales
    team and is wowed by their quick
    response and attention 00:40 secs

Slow lead response times are costing you sales and revenue


of leads buy from the first company they speak to


less likely to convert if you take more than 60 seconds to call


only a small fraction of leads are called in 60 seconds or less*

*Based on actual lead response studies in US & Canada

Sales managers who are frustrated

If you're tired and frustrated with;

New inbound leads going cold

Leverly gives your reps more time to call leads. We'll tell you who to call and when in order of priority. Stay on top of prospects without thinking.

Sluggish lead response

Give your sales reps the superpower to speak to more leads within seconds. They'll close more sales with less time and effort.

Complicated sales software

Leverly easily integrates with your current sales stack. There is nothing for your sales team to learn or log into. Just answer the phone and follow the prompts.

Integrate with all of your inbound lead sources

Leverly integrates with all of your inbound web lead sources
and work flows using your favorite tools and apps.

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Lead Response insights for constant improvement

Get invaluable business intelligence to optimize your sales team's precious time. Now you'll
know exactly what effort your reps are making and what works best to increase sales.

Help your reps connect without thinking

Leverly automatically prioritizes every call we make

Speed, persistence and lead priority are automated. Your reps
just have to answer their phone and follow the prompts.

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No usage restrictions for your sales teams

No usage restrictions for your sales teams

Pay based on leads posted, not your number of reps.

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Know the effort reps are making and the results

Real-time visibility for every lead from start to finish.

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What our customers say

Only 1% of all leads get a call within 60 secs

Be part of the 1% and you'll be 100X more likely to speak with your leads and 400% more likely to convert them into a customer

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