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No complicated pricing tiers. As your lead volume grows, so will your discounts. All plans come with all features and unlimited users.


Save 15% when you pay annually!



paid monthly


paid annually

Comes with:

  • 800 unique lead posts per month
  • Committed use discount of $1.40 for each additional lead posted
  • All features
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paid monthly


paid annually

Comes with:

  • 300 unique lead posts per month
  • Committed use discount of $1.80 for each additional lead posted
  • All features
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paid monthly


paid annually

Comes with:

  • 150 unique lead posts per month
  • Committed use discount of $2.20 for each additional lead posted
  • All features
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All plans start with a 15-day free trial or 150 posted leads (whichever comes first).
Leverly Enterprise


Generating 2000+ leads per month? Ensuring your leads have the best chance of closing is a no-brainer — unless you're generating especially high volumes and you are not prioritizing your follow-up.

We'll work out a custom plan to reduce your 'Customer Acquisition Costs', help your sales team fly, and keep your CFO happy.

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All inclusive plans

Every plan comes with a full deck of features.

  • Performance dashboard
    Performance dashboard

    See which lead sources generate the best quality leads. Grab at-a-glance reports on how well your leads have been worked all the way down to rep level.

  • Connect unlimited apps
    Connect unlimited apps

    Only pay for leads posted. Not per rep. Cost
    per lead goes down as you grow, not up.

  • Connect unlimited apps
    Free call recording

    Record every call. Learn more about your leads so
    you can monitor, train and continuously improve
    sales performance.

  • Unlimited support
    Unlimited support

    Just email or call. We are always ready to answer
    your questions and guide you on your journey
    to increased sales.

  • CRM updates made easy
    CRM updates made easy

    Reps don't love complicated CRM updates. Automated updates or one-click tagging keeps your records clean, lead status updated and call flow organised.

  • Automated call follow-up
    Automated call follow-up

    Leverly will attempt to connect you up to
    6 times. No need to worry that any lead has
    been left untouched for too long.

  • After hours call parking for easy follow-up
    After hours call parking for easy follow-up

    Leverly intelligently parks calls for follow-up
    when you have reps at the ready.

  • Integrate with thousands of tools
    Integrate with thousands of tools

    There's no need to change your sales and marketing stack. You can choose from dozens of direct integrations and thousands more via Zapier.

  • Automated SMS & email
    Automated SMS & email

    Save time with automated SMS and emails triggered according to your call results and rules using a readymade Zapier template.

Extra revenue is waiting. See how much with our new calculator.

Want to see how much money Leverly could make for you just by automating your inbound lead phone response? (You’ll be stunned, we swear!)

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Can I try before I buy?

Yes! We want you to start using Leverly and appreciate the value by measuring the increase in sales and revenue.

You can post up to 150 unique leads or use Leverly for 15 days, whichever happens first. Integration and support are included. No credit card required.

What is a 'posted lead'?

A posted lead is a unique lead posted to our application with a lead name and phone number.

Can I change my plan?

Yes. You may upgrade your plan at any time. Your new monthly payment will initiate on your next billing cycle. A prorated payment for the current billing cycle may apply.

Can I get a discount for booking longer term or larger volumes?

Yes. With an Enterprise Plan, you get access to deeper discounts when you commit to posting 2000+ leads per month. Request a custom quote to receive special pricing.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your monthly plan at any time. Your credit card will not be charged on your next billing cycle and your subscription will not renew. Leverly will continue to work right up until the end of your current billing period.

How do you connect my leads?

Leverly works when we receive your lead name and phone number. You can post other fields for reporting purposes like lead source for example.

You can post the lead data to us or you can send us this lead data by adding your unique Leverly account email address to your lead distribution list and our parsing engine will do its magic to extract the data we need.

Or if all of your leads flow into a modern CRM, you can send us an http post the second they arrive.

Alternatively if you use Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics for example, you can send us a Soap XML post.

Lastly, if you want to use Zapier, our API helps you connect Leverly to your FB Lead Ads, LinkedIn, Instagram leads and more. No matter which method you choose, we can have you up and running today.

Do you call my leads for me?

The short answer is no but we can help you with that. Leverly is an automated telephony application designed to call your sales team the second a new inbound form lead is submitted. We use text to speech to prompt the sales rep(s) to press 1 to call your lead. If they don't connect, we automate the persistence with specifically timed reattempts.

You can use Leverly with any call center or you can take advantage of our bundled service with our own call center partner. Click here for more details.

Do you provide the leads or do we use our own?

We do not generate or sell leads. Our tool is hyper focused on increasing your sales by virtue of your sales team speaking to more of the leads you invest in by leveraging automated speed and persistence.

Have another question?

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