Use lead response super powers to help your clients convert more leads

You love generating new leads for your clients, but hate
not knowing what they are actually doing or not doing
with each lead to get the optimum conversions. You
can fix that by white labeling Leverly.

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Converting leads

Ever get blamed for leads not converting, even though you know it's because your clients
are frittering them away?

You’re not alone. Lead-generation and digital marketing agencies
everywhere are dealing with hit-or-miss client sales teams
that don’t respond to leads quickly enough. And trust us,
we know you worked your butt off to get them.

Well get this...78% of leads that buy do so from the first company
they speak to. So guess what that means for results if your
clients are taking an age to get in touch with the leads
you’re providing (and giving up after just one try).

Leverly gives you complete visibility into what clients are
doing with your hard-earned leads. It eliminates human error
and helps clients get in touch with potential customers in
under 60 seconds - fully automated, no thinking required.

Get an insurance policy for your leads so clients stop neglecting hot prospects and blaming you for substandard results that aren’t your fault.

Use better performance metrics and implement a structured dial and contact strategy so you can have confidence in your clients' results.

Find greater transparency in reporting by tracking managerial insights and conversion metrics to give you a complete view of all their data.

Include our Leverly software in your traditional
service offering to guarantee your clients are
acting with speed and persistence.

Get the automated tool they need to supercharge their lead gen and smash performance
targets. Our accessible, affordable software is jam-packed with features that
boost ROI (and make you look good)...

  • Works with any existing phone setup
    Works with any existing
    phone setup

    From direct dials to PBX
    with hunt groups,
    we've got you

  • Route calls by location, time, service and more
    Route calls by location,
    time, service and more

    The right sales rep for
    the right lead at the
    right time. Simple
    as that.

  • Automated 'persistent calling' intervals
    Automated 'persistent
    calling' intervals

    Stop your reps from 'calling
    it a day' after one dial.
    Don't worry - we're
    not pushy.

  • Store and connect leads gathered 'out of hours'
    Store and connect leads
    gathered 'out of hours'

    We'll bank leads gathered
    after hours and prioritise
    them for tomorrow

  • Full lead tracking and reporting
    Customizable reporting

    Get detailed analysis of
    response speeds, close
    rates, call durations
    and more.

  • Multi-channel messaging based on call result
    Multi-channel messaging
    based on call result

    'If this, then that'. We put
    together a specific flow
    in any connection

  • Unlimited sales reps
    Unlimited sales

    The sky's the limit. We don't restrict you to a certain number of sales reps.

  • Free and fully-recorded calls
    Free and fully-recorded

    Record every call to track results and performance. Oh - and we pay!

  • Seamless integration

    Work with the market leaders in CRM, lead generation, marketing and CRO.

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