Case study

Ecommerce company fully automates their sales funnel and converts 50% of hot leads into demo customers

The Story

Riide is a Boston-based startup whose revolutionary electric bike has been taking the world by storm. So much so, that they just couldn't stay on top of the sheer volume of new leads coming in each day. They felt they were leaving thousands of Dollars on the table. Until they found Leverly...

The Struggle

Soon after launch, Riide's connected electric bike was getting plenty of attention. Featured in TechCrunch, re/code, The Washington Post and more, the fast-growing startup was struggling to stay on top of it's burgeoning sales and ever-increasing daily lead totals.

Riide recognized its lead-response activity was too manual. They were unable to quickly and reliably follow-up with hot prospects. Even worse, response times were often more than 2 hours - undermining the highly-personalized, customer-centric experience they'd promised. It was costing them big time.

The Strategy

In order to achieve rapid and regular lead follow-up, we integrated our Leverly response software with Riide's online submission forms. With every completed form, a Riide team member's cell phone was immediately alerted - prompting a follow-up call and the instant scheduling of a demo.

Don't forget, your chances of conversion more than double if you contact a hot lead in under 60 seconds... And as Riide had three team members working on a rotating schedule, at least one person was covering lead response and follow-up 24/7. The perfect combo for making sales!

The Success

"Riide is an ideal partner for Leverly because the pricing model is affordable and the software is compatible with Riide's diverse sales funnels." Amber Wason, Co-founder & COO

As a result of Riide's affordable pricing model and compatibility with the Leverly software, we were able to achieve some pretty incredible results. After just two months of working with us, half of people who demoed a Riide electric bike became purchasers. Seriously... 50% bought the product!

The ability to seamlessly convert a lead into a scheduled demo in under 60 seconds played a huge part. Thanks to our efficient solutions and smooth processes, Riide's sales figures skyrocketed and their bottom line was significantly boosted. Pretty sweet, right?

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