Case study

How we helped a small school get on the phone with twice as many leads & increase its contact rate by more than 50%

Without hiring more admissions reps or changing their process

The Story

Great Lakes Institute of Technology offers programs in medical, allied health, and veterinary fields - but the school recognized that the ratio of ‘leads to students starting’ was far too low. They knew they weren’t following up on leads as aggressively as they should be, so up stepped Leverly...

The Struggle

NFor education institutions like GLIT, the number of students starting each year is their key metric. If your courses are undersubscribed, you’re not making as much money as you could be - so it’s important to convert as many leads as possible. Getting butts in seats is the bread and butter of any school.

Jon Molnar, GLIT’s Director of Marketing, knew that potential students weren’t being followed up with in the most efficient way. Admissions reps didn’t persist with leads that didn’t pick up the phone after the first call - they’d just give up. And the first call was not immediate. In some instances it took a few hours to before the lead was called. It meant that too many leads were slipping through the cracks.

The Strategy

At Leverly, we know that speed and persistence are the key factors for improved conversion rates when it comes to lead response. We thought that by increasing the speed of the first call to less than 60 seconds and number of times an admissions rep called a potential student, the more likely they were to get through and start a conversation.

We implemented our system designed to give reps a foolproof process for contacting leads up to 6 times before throwing in the towel. Rather than call once and give up if there was no answer, teams would be prompted to follow-up a number of times and could call instantly with the press of a button.

The Success

With the Leverly system in place,

GLIT has more than doubled its contact rate and has seen a marked improvement in its lead to start ratio."

By calling potential students faster and more frequently, the school has managed to optimize its lead generation process and make life easier for its reps.

The system fit seamlessly into the school’s current admissions process and didn’t require any specialized knowledge or experience. For GLIT reps, results have never been better. With Leverly, they can effortlessly contact new leads in under 60 seconds and keep trying up to 6 times without breaking a sweat.

"My gut just told me that our reps didn’t follow up as aggressively or as frequently as we wanted them to. I needed an insurance policy that would let me sleep better at night knowing every lead was going to be worked the way we wanted it to be. We implemented Leverly as that insurance policy.

Now, the calls that are initiated and completed are put in a Google Sheet so we can see how they’re dealt with. Since starting with the Leverly system, the 3rd, 4th and 5th connect often resulted in an appointment and a start. We weren’t making that many attempts per lead before.

The majority of our reps have said they prefer the process as it is now. A couple have even come to me and said 'a student was thankful and amazed how fast they were contacted'. None of this would have been possible without Leverly and I’m so grateful we got in touch with them."

- Jon Molnar, Director of Marketing
Great Lakes Institute of Technology

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