Case study

Furniture store chain boosts conversion rates by 42.9% and increases their revenue from $700k to $1M in one month

The Story

Hudson's offers quality furniture and mattresses at the best value in central Florida. Problem was, they were focusing far too much on email leads. And they were having a really tough time getting their sales people to actually pick up the phone. But that's where Leverly stepped in to lend a hand...

The Struggle

"You can't convert people via email,” he says. “Salespeople need to be prompted to follow up with leads, and that's what Leverly does so well." Ray Templeton, Project Management Consultant
Hudson's Furniture

Homeowners loved getting in touch with Hudson's for their furniture. Whether it was for their living room, bedroom or dining room, thousands of people would submit an enquiry form asking to learn more about their products. But you could count on one hand the percentage of leads who actually bought...

The company recognized that their sales team just didn't pick up the phone quickly enough. There was too much reliance on email follow-up and too much human error when it came to picking up the phone and dialling. It was slow, inefficient and costing the company an eye-watering amount of money.

The Strategy

To eliminate human error and give sales teams the best chance of converting leads into customers, we set up our automated calling software and added it to Hudson's follow-up process. Rather than receive an email, prospects would get a phone call less than one minute after enquiring about a product.

We knew that connection chances increase by 391% if you dial within 60 seconds and that 78% of leads who buy do so from the first company to call them. And sure enough, that's exactly what happened once we got Hudson's up and running with the Leverly software...

The Success

With our fully-customized solution, Hudson's saw immediate results after signing on for the Leverly follow-up service. In just three months, the company had maximized its return on investment from internet leads and experienced a 30% increase in trackable revenue - from $700k to $1M.

Thanks to Leverly, Hudson's Furniture is enjoying more fruitful conversations with prospects. The company has more peace of mind that the budget is being well-spent. And their goal to grow a robust online business to complement its brick-and-mortar operations has never been more achievable.

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