Case study

Renowned sports academy enrolls 30% more students and generates record-breaking revenue

The Story

The National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) is world-renowned for coaching professional, high-quality personal trainers. Its Certified Personal Training Program gathers a lot of online interest, but interest and action are very different things. And that’s where Leverly came in...

The Struggle

NASM’s four-step learning package for budding personal trainers is designed to educate people on how to start and succeed with their own PT career. But although plenty of prospects were submitting an enquiry about enrolling, the final figure of converted leads was more disappointing than expected.

Put simply, the problem was the speed at which NASM contacted its prospects. And although the academy recognised the need to reduce contact time, it wasn’t aware of any out-of-the-box solutions that could make a difference. And they were losing students to competitors on a daily basis.

The Strategy

When a customer makes an inquiry, it means they have an issue that’s at the top of their mind and requires immediate follow-up. So our automated calling software is designed to put your admissions reps on a phone call with hot leads in under 60 seconds - no thinking required!

By implementing the Leverly software into its admissions team’s approach NASM experienced a profound increase in contact time. Reps were able to easily discuss the contact’s needs quickly, providing them with the required certification info and increasing conversions as a result.

The Success

"The entire team at Leverly worked very hard to make sure the system worked for us and it did!" Marketing Intelligence Specialist

This new level of response paid huge dividends. Within three months of partnering with Leverly, NASM experienced a 30% conversion rate increase for its non-branded marketing campaign. 2019 saw record-breaking revenue for one of the finest academies around.

The fact that leads were called promptly, while still hot, played a major part in this success. And even better, we managed to reduce the contact time of two hours (yep, two hours) down to less than 60 seconds. NASM is still following-up on submission-form requests quickly and efficiently. Happy days!

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