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1st Attempt Performance of New Leads

Leverly dashboard

This panel here, shows the actions and results of the new leads entering the system. 

These are the leads that come in business hours and are called fresh leads. 

The chart shows: 

  • New Leads 
  • Press 1 
  • Connections 
  • Missed Opportunities 

New Leads

These are the new leads entering your system during business hours. 

Press 1

This shows the number of times rep presses 1 to connect the call to the lead and speak with them. In case there is a major drop in Press 1 rate, kindly book a meeting with hello@leverly.com immediately. 


Once a call between a rep and lead exceeds the benchmark of 45 seconds, the call is marked successful and is taken out of the reattempts queue so they do not get called again. 

Missed Opportunities 

These are the number of times when there is no action taken from the rep once the call comes through hence, you miss a chance to convert a lead to a business. 

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