Active & Parked Calls

Active Calls

The ‘Active Calls’ page contains the currently active calls that are going under an account as well as the ‘Parked Calls’.

The number of active calls also depends on the number of concurrent calls set for an account. 

This tab shows the basic lead information which is: 

  • Lead Name
  • Lead Phone Number 
  • Rep Phone Number 
  • Call Initiation Time
  • Connection Made

Parked Calls

The ‘Parked Calls’ section is right below the ‘Active Calls’.

This section shows all the leads that are queued up in the line to get answered or are under reattempts for the follow-up calls. 

The top row shows the basic lead info for the parked leads: 

  • Lead Name 
  • Lead Phone Number 
  • Rep Number 
  • Last Parked Time (This is for the reattempts. It shows the time when that specific lead was last called.)
  • Next Notification (The time when Leverly is going to initiate a follow-up call )
  • Reattempt Number (The number of reattempts for the parked lead)

In order to remove the lead from the queue, click on the ‘trash’ icon. This will permanently remove the lead from the queue. 

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