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Lead Performance Dashboard & Routing Rules

Lightening fast reporting will provide actionable insights you need to improve your metrics and optimize your resources. Track and analyze performance using Leverly’s sleek, simple, and intuitive dashboard.

  • Overview, Insights, and Group Performance reports of total inquiries, calls, connectivity rates, performance rates, and average speed to lead.

    Track representatives’ performance by representative groups and lead conversions through the Rep ID and Call Disposition features.
Leverly dashboard
  • Filter Data by date range, Group, routing parameters, or attempts  

  • Compare results between two date ranges  

  • View a log of every Leverly call generated with inquiry information, lead performance, and call results
Leverly dashboard
  • Export call activity for your records or further analysis 
Leverly dashboard
  • With intelligent routing, you can route your phone calls based on your business rules by creating rep groups

    These are the routing parameters you can use:
    – Location
    – Nature of inquiry
    – Business hours (specific hours: open all day; closed)
    – Lead Type (Fresh inquiries, Reattempts, After-Hour Leads)
    – Client-side routing available if the rep’s phone number is passed with each inquiry

    Manage business rules by configuring phone numbers, hours, and call delivery options. 
  • Monitor and manage active calls and parked call queue

  • Access Call Recordings

  • Manage users and roles  
Leverly dashboard
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