Email Integration

Leverly is able to take your lead email notifications and turn them into phone calls.

You will have received a ‘mail2phone’ email address with your Leverly account.

Your ‘mail2phone’ email can be found in your Leverly dashboard, under ‘integrations’.

You can simply add the mail2phone email address to your lead source email distribution list and that’s it, integration complete.

Here are some details about email formats

  • Plain text/colon-delimited format
    Usually, there is a setting on your CRM or lead source to deliver plain text emails. We parse plain text emails automatically that are in a colon-delimited format. A colon-delimited email (<field> : <value>) would look like
First Name : Fred
Last Name : Jones
Email (we will keep your email completely private) :
Phone : 415555555
  • HTML/XML or non colon-delimited formats
    We will need to do a custom mapping for these. Just open a support ticket and send a test lead from your CRM/lead source to your ‘mail2phone’ email address. Client services will take a look at your email and set up a custom mapping and then you are good to go.

Any questions? Get in touch with us using the chat icon at the bottom right part of the screen or email us at

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