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Practice- How To Increase Connections And Conversions

Are you worried about how to increase connections and conversions of your site? Don’t worry we have your back.

Lead Distribution

How To Increase Connections And Conversions

Removing the sales rep bottleneck

One of the benefits of using automated lead distribution is it allows you to leverage your entire sales team (based on your rules) to help respond to every lead. 

Without Leverly you have to assign the lead in order to make sure someone is accountable for following up with them. 

If that person is not available the precise moment a new lead inbound web lead arrives, you are dead in the water. And more then likely cost you the deal. 

With Leverly there is no bottleneck or at the very least it gets very wide. If you have set up your account to use round robin’ lead call distribution, and the rep that the initial call goes to is occupied, we just skip to the next available rep. 

This applies to new fresh leads, after-hour leads and reattempts. When a rep speaks to a lead, they assign it to themselves and they own it.

Another nice aspect of this automation is it off-loads all of the busy work reps typically have keeping track of who they called, when to call next, sending emails and all the tasks associated with trying to get in touch with a new lead. 

With Leverly the reps just answer the phone when they can, and follow the prompts. Easy-peasy. 

How To Increase Connections And Conversions

Leverly best practices

Combining strategically timed phone calls with voice mails, sms messages and emails between call attempts can have a significant impact on your contact and conversion rates. 

A Leverly study revealed prospects who receive multichannel messages between your call attempts, have a 16% greater chance to be contacted resulting in a 53% boost in conversion rates.

Leverly can automatically trigger any type of message you want to send based on the call result. 

For example if you don’t connect on your first call attempt you may want to send an SMS message or email.  

There are many playbooks or cadences you can try. Take a look at the example in the Best Practices graphic. It’s important to remove the manual aspects of executing these multi-channel cadences and to automate the triggers that start and stop them. 

The less reps have to think and do, the more time they will have to focus on selling. 

Leverly will provide you with the data you need to measure and improve your connection and conversion rates to help you adjust and improve your cadences. 

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