HTTP Posting Instructions

Fields must be spelled exactly as listed below and sent via the HTTP Post method.


Content-Type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded

Required FieldsValue
AccountID<Your unique Leverly account ID>
firstNameLead’s first name
Phone1Lead’s primary phone number
Optional FieldsValue
lastNameLead’s last name
Phone2Lead’s 2nd phone number
Phone3Lead’s 3rd phone number
Phone4Lead’s 4th phone number
emailLead’s email address
address1Lead’s address
cityLead’s city
stateLead’s state
zipLead’s zipcode
locationLead’s location
leadSourceLead’s source
programLead’s program of interest
areaLead’s area of interest
companyNameLead’s company name
keywordLead’s keyword
commentsLead’s comments
repPhoneRep’s phone number
(multiple phone numbers must be seperated by a comma)
routingType1 = Step ringing
2 = Round robin
3 = Simultaneous
vendorLeadIdVendor lead identifier
callerIdCalled ID to display on leg 1 of the call
callDelayDuration of time to delay initial call (in seconds)

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