Integrating Leverly with InfusionSoft is easy. The first step is always to double-check that leads are entering your InfusionSoft system immediately after submission (this is key to ensuring you receive the Leverly call as quickly as possible).

If you use Campaign Builder, you will simply do the following:

Add an HTTP Post to your ‘new lead’ campaign sequence (InfusionSoft explains how to configure an HTTP Post in your sequence)

  1. Place the Leverly URL in the URL field
  2. Add the Leverly field names on the left (exactly as they appear in your posting instructions)
  3. Select ‘Merge fields‘ to add the appropriate InfusionSoft field values on the right
  4. Select ‘Send Test‘. Make sure the contact you are using to send the test from has a phone number included in their contact information.
  5. Save and Publish

After the post has been set up, we recommend testing the whole process by filling out your form, and confirming the post to Leverly is triggered successfully.

After the call is completed, Leverly can post the call information back to InfusionSoft. A task will be created and marked as ‘completed’ under the corresponding Contact, and include the following call results:

  • Call date and time
  • Rep phone number
  • Rep response (Pressed 2, etc)
  • Total call duration (total duration of the phone call)
  • Total connected call duration (duration of time the rep phone and contact phone were connected)

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