IVR Prompt Options

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Prompt Options

When Leverly calls your business, you will hear the system announce the lead’s name and a prompt to ‘Press 1’ to call the lead, and if you wait we will prompt you to ‘Press 9’ to hear this message again. These are default prompts.

You can activate additional prompts as required for your situation. The prompts describe actions your reps can take by pressing various touch-tone keys. Below is a list of automated prompt options:

Press 1 (default):
“Press 1 to call this lead.”
Pressing 1 generates the outbound call to the prospect.

Press 3:
“Press 3 to decline and stop reattempts.”
Pressing 3 declines the call and removes it from the queue.

Press 5:
Pressing 5 is a way of tagging the lead. It can be used to identify leads you converted for example. Pressing 5 allows the representative to tag the call if they converted the lead. This announcement is played after the lead hangs up.

(Pressing 5 in the middle of the call will terminate the call. Remember to only press 5 after the lead hangs up then you can hang up.)

Press 9 (default):
“Press 9 to hear this message again.”
Pressing 9 will repeat the message. By default, the system will repeat the message up to 5 times (this is adjustable).

We suggest using the minimum number of prompts possible to help speed up the time it takes to call your leads.

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