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Phone Number Requirements

To generate a call, Leverly’s system requires US & Canada phone numbers to have at least 10 digits. Phone numbers with 11 digits (with the first digit being ‘1’) are also valid.

If your web form captures multiple phone numbers, for example:

Home Phone: 5555555555
Cell Phone: 6666666666
Work Phone: 7777777777

Leverly will look at each phone field in order of the priority that you designate and generate a call to the first available valid number.

For example, if you set the priority as listed in the order above – 
#1 Home, 
#2 Cell, 
#3 Work, 

Leverly’s system will look at the Home Phone field first to generate the initial call.

If the Home Phone field value is blank or does not meet the phone number requirements, the system will look to the Cell Phone field and so on until it finds a valid lead phone number to dial.

Once it finds a valid phone number, all subsequent reattempts will go to the same phone number.

Leverly’s system is required to go through the above process every time a call is generated. If all of the phone number values are blank or do not meet the 10 digit requirement, Leverly will not generate a call and mark the lead with a status of “invalid phone.”  

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