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Recording – Leverly.com

Your Leverly calls may be recorded. If enabled, call recording begins as soon as a connection is made between your business and the lead.

The call recording feature requires that Leverly has FTP access to host the audio files on your server. When recording is enabled, an audio file is created and delivered to your specified address (FTP) as soon as the call finishes. Due to storage capacity and privacy concerns, all of the recording files we create (prior to delivering) are deleted immediately upon call completion and delivery.

If you want call recording activated, please provide us with your FTP file information (URL, username, and password). Once we receive your FTP access, we can begin posting audio files to you.

Please be aware: The FCC has clear rules regarding call recording. Please make sure you understand them and train your team to let the other party know that the call is being recorded. Leverly is not liable for any violations of the FCC regulations.
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