Ring Type Options

If you are delivering calls to multiple representatives’ phone numbers, this sets the method of call delivery and distribution. Leverly functions as a virtual PBX.

Priority Ringing

This rings representatives in a set order (1, 2, 3). If representative 1 isn’t available, the call will step to representative 2, and so on. Every time there is a new call, the pattern is repeated (1, 2, 3).

Round Robin

Round robin evenly distributes calls by ringing each representative sequentially e.g., (1,2,3).

Each subsequent call will begin with the next representative in line and repeat the cycle (2,3,1), allowing for equal distribution through representatives answering the phone.


All calls will ring to all phone numbers at the same time. The phone that answers first will get the call.

Step Until Successful Connection

A call will ‘step’ from one rep phone number to the next on the rep routing phone list until the Rep and the Lead achieve a ‘Successful Connection’* or all reps have been called, whichever comes first.

This feature differs from the standard Priority Ringing mode which
ends as soon as any rep presses 1.

With ‘Step Until Successful Connection’ mode each call will attempt to step to N rep phone numbers until Successful Call Duration is achieved or until all N step phone numbers have been called.

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