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Routed through Internal PBX system

Yes, we can work with this scenario. In fact, many of our customers use an internal PBX system that routes calls to an available rep. Their system already knows which rep is ‘available’ so it only routes calls to those reps that are. In this case, we encourage you to continue to use your PBX system to avoid any calls going to a rep that isn’t available

All you need to do is add your PBX phone number to your Settings page and use this phone number for your routing schedule. Leverly calls will be delivered to the PBX number which in turn routes the call to the right rep.

There are a couple of best practices to keep in mind:

  • If we can connect to a PBX number that does not have an automated greeting (‘Hi you’ve reached XYZ Company, someone will be right with you…’), that is ideal. If you cannot provide a direct line that does not have an automated greeting that is OK. We can simply increase the number of times our automated message plays to ensure that when your rep receives the Leverly call, they still have time to press 1. Send us an email if you need help setting this up.
  • If the PBX number requires an extension to be dialed in order to route the call, that is ok as well. Just add the extension in the phone number dialogue box when entering the phone number.
  • You should always run an end-to-end test before going live.
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