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Why Leverly? — Our Origin Story


Leverly started as an experiment back in 2007. The founder, Sammy James was running two ad agencies at the time; GetStarts and MarketingAnd. 

Because Sammy has a background in old-school selling, he couldn’t stand seeing his client’s leads go to waste due to lackluster response and follow-up. 

While the rest of the sales and marketing world was focused on ways to drive more qualified leads, Sammy was obsessed with finding an easy way for sales and admissions reps to call them quickly and persistently. Because he knew it was about the number of conversations with prospects that mattered. Not the number of leads. That is how Leverly was born. 

About Sammy James

Sammy James

(That’s me). I come from the pre-internet world of selling and persuasion. When all we had is a desk phone, a phone book, and some index cards to keep track of our calls and next actions. No CRM’s, nada. 

At the end of the day, it was all about having a conversation. That’s how sales are made. 

And that is why I value inbound leads so much today. Selling today is easier than ever. Buyers actually reach out to you! Amazing. 

Sometimes if you’re lucky they will call you directly. And many times they will just fill out a contact form to tell you they are interested in learning more.

Inbound leads go cold super fast. In just 60 seconds they are no longer hot and in 5 minutes they are in the fridge and they are cooling off fast.  Which explains why the likelihood of converting them has already dropped by 800% by that time. 

No one seems to grasp this reality. In fact, only 1% of all businesses call their leads in 1 minute or less. And since most buyers do business with the first company they speak to then being fast makes a lot of sense.  

And another thing that’s still as true today as it was way back when; CRM’s don’t close sales. People do. That’s why the biggest CRM  and marketing automation and sales enablement software companies still have a sales team. 

Capitalizing on every opportunity to close a sale is what drives me. Because I value every opportunity so much. 

Having more sales conversations with your inbound leads increases sales. And being fast to respond so you can be first to speak to them, gives you a huge advantage. 

It’s a simple and practical approach to increasing sales and revenue from your inbound lead investment. I hope you find it as fun to use and as beneficial as I have!

Happy selling!


Our Purpose

Leverly conversation

Leverly believes in the premise that if you require a conversation with your prospects in order to help them buy from you, then your leads are worthless if you don’t speak to them. 

Our one and only purpose is to increase your sales or enrollments from your inbound web leads. 

The concept

Leverly removes the requirement for you to assign responsibility to individual reps to follow up on new inbound leads. 

Instead, all inbound leads from all sources are turned into phone calls and instantly distributed (based on your business rules) to the appropriate rep(s). 

When your rep answers the Leverly call, they will hear the Leverly automated attendant announce the new lead’s information; typically the lead’s name and nature of the inquiry.

The system also prompts the representative to press 1 to initiate a call to the lead. When the call is generated to the lead the caller ID is your business phone number, the rep’s phone number, or a dynamic number assigned to the geographic area of the lead for ‘local number presence).  

The ‘After-hour’ option ensures your team follows up on leads that arrive after-hours. They are queued up and generate calls to your reps to follow up the next business day, whenever want to schedule them, e.g. 9 AM-11 AM and 2 PM-5 PM. 

Speed is the number one driver of conversion, but persistence also pays off. Reattempts are an essential part of increasing the conversion of your leads.

Reattempts are scheduled at optimum intervals to automate the follow-up process to ensure all leads are given maximum effort to increase your connections. 

The mechanics

Internet inquiries (from any source) are posted to Leverly’ application via HTTP via post or webhook and XML Soap. You can also use Zapier automation or email distribution to your Leverly account email address for parsing. 

Learn more about creating rep groups, lead parameters, managing call flow and distribution by lead call type and more, in the Settings and Users section of our knowledge base.

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