Unbounce vs. Optimizely: Definitive Comparison (2024)

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Both Optimizely and Unbounce help you get more leads.

But they’re different tools — Unbounce is a landing page builder, while Optimizely is a conversion rate optimization tool. One lets you create landing pages, while the other helps you optimize them for conversions.
However, neither Ubounce nor Optimizely help you turn leads into sales. Which is why we’ve included Leverly in this article. Leverly is a lead conversion software that integrates with landing page builders like Unbounce, and helps your sales team call new leads in less than 60 seconds after they opt in – increasing the chance that they become your customers by up to 400%.

Comparison Summary: Unbounce vs. Optimizely

Price⭐⭐⭐⭐14-day free trial. Starts at $74/mo. All features unlocked at $180/mo.⭐⭐⭐⭐Separate pricing for each module. Free trial only for the CMS platform.
Starts at $325/mo with alll features unlocked. 15-day free trial.
Conversion Rate Optimization⭐⭐⭐⭐Simple and intuitive landing page A/B testing. No native integrations.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Extensive CRO tools and analytics features.
Helps with lead-customer CRO. Provides sales analytics and tracking.
Landing Pages⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Has a powerful and easy-to-use landing page builder.⭐⭐⭐⭐Includes limited drag-and-drop page-building tools.
Integrates with landing page builders like Unbounce.
Integrations⭐⭐⭐⭐Provides integrations with more than 50 third-party software. All integrations are free to use.⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Has hundreds of integrations with a wide variety of third-party apps.Offers an API.
Integrates with thousands of third-party apps with native integrations and Zapier.
Templates⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Offers well-designed templates to help build landing pages.⭐⭐⭐Doesn’t include any templates.
Best forMarketers that need an easy-to-use app to create landing pages effortlessly.Developers and marketers that need to optimize their products through testing and experimentation.Sales teams that need to follow up on leads quickly and efficiently to increase lead conversions.
Try free for 14 daysTry free for 14 daysTry free for 15 days

What is Unbounce?
“Land your visitors in your lead list” 🛬📄

Unbounce was founded in 2009 when the term “landing page” meant little to digital marketers. Its creators wanted to reduce the dependence of marketing teams on developers when creating campaigns.

This software is designed to create landing pages and does it exceptionally well. From hundreds of templates to an AI-powered smart builder, creating ad campaigns with this software is a breeze. It provides a no-code landing page builder with built-in integrations, analytics, and extensions. If you’re tech-savvy, it allows you to add custom HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to web pages. Unbounce’s A/B testing can provide actionable results despite being a secondary feature. 

Unbounce is great for marketers that want to focus on the building portions of marketing optimization and don’t have time to learn complex tools.

What is Optimizely?
“Scientific optimization” 👩‍🔬🧪

Optimizely was created to help entrepreneurs maximize their digital potential. It empowers over 9000 brands, including eBay and Toyota, to create hyper-personalized customer experiences with data-driven optimization. 

Optimizely’s testing and experimentation tools are unparalleled by any software on the market. It doesn’t just optimize landing pages and sales campaigns; it can also optimize software development and any other product that requires A/B testing. It’s designed to perform three primary functions; orchestrate campaigns, experiment and refine strategies, and monetize products. While it isn’t a landing page builder, it contains the tools to create simple pages that convert leads.

Optimizely is best for marketers, developers, and other professionals that want to explore multiple campaign strategies and test product performance.

What is Leverly?
“From lead to customer in 30 seconds” ☎️⏲️

Leverly’s creators realized that generated leads have little value until they speak with a sales rep. So, this software was born out of a unique idea to turn web forms into phone calls — instantly.

Leverly’s core philosophy is speed. Its revolutionary approach to conversion optimization has earned it the praise of businesses and their customers alike. Leverly extracts lead information from web forms and uses a text-to-speech program to introduce them to sales reps. It then inputs contact information into a speed dialer, allowing the right rep to speak to leads at the push of a button. This system eliminates manual data entry and doubles lead conversion rates.

Sales teams that prefer to have voice calls with their clients get the most value from Leverly. It integrates with just about any app so you don’t have to worry about abandoning your existing tools.

Unbounce vs. Optimizely: Pricing

Optimizely has multiple products you have to buy separately, Ubounce and Leverly’s prices increase based on scale


All three tools offer free trials.

Unbounce and Optimizely CMP (content marketing platform) offer a 14-day free trial and Leverly offers 15 days. That means you can easily try out Unbounce and Optimizely, see how they differ, and test Leverly at the same time.

Optimizely’s products have to be bought separately and only the CMP pricing is transparent.

Optimizely’s base product is the content marketing platform which runs at a tiered pricing model. It starts at $79/mo for the Manage plan but you have to contact their sales team for any other plan or product.

Its optimization and testing features all come in the web and feature experimentation products, which you have to buy separately. These modules are available as custom solutions and require discussions with the developers to tailor-fit them for your business.

Unbounce charges you based on how many domains you have and how many monthly conversions and visitors you get.

Launch $99/moOptimize$145/moAccelerate$240/moConcierge$625/mo
500 conversions20,000 visitors1 domain1000 conversions30,000 visitors5 domains2500 conversions50,000 visitors10 domains5000 conversions100,000+ visitors25+ domains

It lets you create unlimited landing pages, popups, and sticky bars and use its AI-assisted copywriter. With Unbounce, you get access to its testing and experimentation features like A/B testing on the “Optimize” plan and up.

What’s more, you can save 25% off the monthly cost by opting for annual billing.

Leverly’s affordability increases with scale.

Leverly starts at $325/month on the “Essentials” package and you get all features from the get-go. 

Considering that it instantly increases lead conversion rates for your existing inbound leads, that price is extremely affordable. Here’s a calculator to help you put it into perspective.

Leverly’s also doesn’t try luring you to advanced plans with more features. Its “Growth” and “Business” plans simply increase the monthly lead ceiling and lower the cost per extra lead above that — effectively lowering the overall cost per lead.

Winner: Unbounce. Unbounce’s pricing plans are more transparent and cheaper than Optimizely’s subscriptions. Leverly works as a great addon with both tools, instantly recouping its cost and ensuring you reach ROI as fast as possible.

Unbounce vs. Optimizely: Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimizely is your best bet for testing and experimentation, while Unbounce also offers basic A/B testing for its landing pages


Both tools offer optimization, but Optimizely has advanced methods, while Unbounce only has A/B testing.

Unbounce lets you A/B test landing pages. And while it’s sufficient for basic optimization, it is not as powerful as Optimizely. Nevertheless, it lets you test specific features on your landing pages, including fonts and colors.

Unbounce A/B testing

Meanwhile, Optimizely lets you test and analyze pages in any way you can imagine.

Its landing page optimization and testing module is called “Web Experimentation” and offers advanced testing and customer interaction tracking with methods like:

  • Mutually exclusive experiments, 
  • Conditional test activation, 
  • Multivariate testing (MVT), 
  • Multi-page (funnel) tests,
  • And many more. 

Unbounce and Optimizely offer analytics and metrics, but Unbounce relies on third-party integrations.

Optimizely offers built-in analytics to help you assess conversion optimization strategies and allows AI-generated insights and recommendations that you can use to create content. Furthermore, the built-in data lab helps you analyze metrics and build reports.

On the other hand, Unbounce uses integrations like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel for analytics. While Optimizely also offers these integrations, it relies more on its built-in tools. Its SDK and open API allow you to test digital content from various sources.

Leverly optimizes lead journeys for maximum conversion with its automated speed dialer.

Leverly routes calls based on location, priority, language, and service type so each lead is connected with the rep best suited to address their needs.

It converts inbound form data from text to speech and relays the relevant information to sales reps via phone call. That means your sales team is instantly equipped with the most important information and paired optimally to maximize the chance of conversion.

Leverly also provides built-in tracking and analytics that helps sales teams measure their performance on lead posts and calls.

Winner:Optimizely’s testing and experimentation features are more advanced than what Unbounce offers. By adding Leverly to the mix, you also get to optimize your lead conversions and track your sales team’s performance.

Unbounce vs. Optimizely: Landing Pages

Unbounce provides an easy-to-use landing page builder, while Optimizely relies on integrations for landing pages.


Unbounce includes a fully-featured landing page builder that helps you create and optimize web pages for maximum lead engagement.

It’s very easy to use with several templates and AI-powered copywriting. What’s more, you can add integrations to your landing pages without writing a single line of code.

Unbounce classic builder

Optimizely also provides a landing page builder. However, when compared to Unbounce, it feels unsophisticated. For example, you must manually write HTML and CSS code to implement advanced customizations.

For this reason, most Optimizely users opt to create landing pages in dedicated builders like WordPress. Instead, they focus on the analytics and A/B testing tools it provides.

Unbounce’s Smart Builder creates landing pages in minutes.

Unbounce offers two methods of creating landing pages –the classic builder and the smart builder. The classic builder is more traditional, with manual page customization and custom code scripts. It also offers dynamic text replacement that personalizes your ads to each visitor.

To use the smart builder, simply provide information about your marketing campaign, and it generates recommendations for creating attractive and high-performing pages. You can also integrate with Smart Traffic to direct your visitors to landing pages that best match their interests.

Needless to say, Optimizely does not offer any of these features, as its focus is more on optimizing landing pages rather than creating them.

Leverly seamlessly integrates with your landing page forms.

By using Leverly, you get to automate the form-to-sales call process. You don’t even have to store customer information because it instantly relays it to the most qualified sales rep and allows them to call with a press of a button.

Winner:Unbounce’s landing page builder is easier to use than Optimizely’s. Despite its simplicity, it’s much more powerful and supports custom code. Leverly lets you connect landing page forms with your sales team, no mater what builder you’re using.

Unbounce vs Optimizely: Integrations

Optimizely offers more integrations than Unbounce. Leverly connects with every lead generation app you need.


Optimizely offers hundreds of native and non-native integrations with third-party apps.

These are meant to extend its functionality by offering marketing automation, payment services, cloud storage, and analytics, and more. It also includes a Zapier integration, extending this even further.

But be careful before jumping into Optimizely’s integrations. Lots of them aren’t free.

Unbounce offers fewer integrations but they don’t require additional payments.

Unbounce doesn’t charge extra to its pricing plans to use integrations. On the other hand, you must subscribe to one of Optimizely’s paid plans to integrate with third-party software. Despite offering fewer integrations, it’s worth noting that Unbounce integrates with over 50 apps. 

Leverly can integrate with nearly every software, including landing page builders.

Leverly integrates with social media, customer relationship management tools, web forms, landing pages, and lead providers. It also offers a native Unbounce integration and Zapier.

Winner:Optimizely’s integrations provide a wider variety of features and functionalities. And since it also offers paid integrations, you can find some interesting apps on its integration list.

Unbounce vs. Optimizely: Templates

Unbounce provides several landing page templates, while Optimizely does not offer any. 


Unbounce offers several landing page templates, while Optimizely does not.

There are over 100 templates for building landing pages in Unbounce. These templates guarantee high lead conversion rates and are fully customizable to match your business style. Furthermore, Unbounce’s no-code builder allows you to embed utility apps into web pages, including analytics, web forms, and payments.

In contrast, Optimizely does not provide templates to help build digital content. In fact, you may need a fully-fledged development team or learn HTML yourself to customize webpage elements.

Unbounce provides templates for different types of campaigns and businesses. 

You can use Unbounce’s templates to create several types of marketing campaigns, including webinars, events, and lead generation. The template library also provides ready-to-use landing pages for several business types, such as restaurants, travel agencies, fashion, and education.

Winner:Unbounce. Unlike Optimizely, Unbounce offers a wide range of templates that save time and effort in building landing pages.

Unbounce vs Optimizely: Pros & Cons

All things considered, Unbounce is better for creating landing pages and advertising on them, while Optimizely provides the tools needed to optimize digital marketing.

Unbounce ProsUnbounce Cons
✅ Fully-featured page builder❌ Limited testing and experimentation
✅ Lots of templates❌ Limited feature set
✅ AI-powered copywriter
Optimizely ProsOptimizely Cons
✅ Excellent A/B testing and experimentation❌ Doesn’t have templates
✅ Several integrations with third-party apps❌ Landing page builder is complicated to use
✅ Has inventory management tools
✅ Better content personalization features
Leverly ProsLeverly Cons
✅ Offers Unbounce integration❌ Expensive for small businesses
✅ Very easy to use
✅ Several integrations with third-party apps
✅ Facilitates phone calls with leads

Final Verdict: Unbounce vs. Optimizely

Unbounce creates better-looking landing pages with smart popups and sticky bars, while Optimizely is best for sales teams that want to experiment with several marketing strategies. Leverly complements both apps.

Best for:Marketing professionals that need a simple but powerful platform for creating landing pages to advertise their products. Best for:Sales teams looking for a sophisticated tool to run A/B tests at scale and experiment with marketing strategies. Best for: Sales reps that need a quick and easy tool to communicate directly with leads 

If you plan to only build and test landing pages in Unbounce, you can just use it for your marketing campaigns. It contains the basic tools you need for A/B testing and offers optimization features that may eliminate testing entirely. Optimizely is better if you plan to test existing pages from various sources like WordPress and custom websites. It’s also great if you want to optimize products other than web pages. To further help with your decision, you should…

Use Unbounce if:

  • You want to create landing pages quickly and easily.
  • You like simple, easy-to-use tools.
  • You love using templates to speed up your work.

Click here to get started with Unbounce!

Use Optimizely if:

  • You need advanced testing and analytics.
  • You want several third-party integrations.
  • You can write code and use APIs.
  • You want to optimize software and other digital products.

Click here to get started with Optimizely!

Use Leverly if:

  • You want to have phone calls with leads.
  • You want to continue using your existing phone system.
  • You need multi-channel messaging.
  • You want to convert leads from Unbounce landing pages.

Click here to get started with Leverly!

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